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Obelisk Cone

Obelisk Cone

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Obelisk Cone

Product name: Fission Obelisk 

size: H750mm

Body material : PE

Body color: Black

Body Weight:2.0kg(±0.05kg)

Additional Weight:4.0kg(±0.05kg)

Reflective material: Richlite

Reflective material production process: coated stick, suit

Durability: Appro X36 months(Subject to environmental conditions) impact resistant. water, dust and grime resistant

Design state: Characteristics with the traditional obelisk ergonomics, wide-angle superior performance, can meet the driver tell when driving, forward-looking perspective to improve the road superintendent barricade superintendent height and strength requirements.Easy tear open outfit, divided into the obelisk tablet two independent structure body and base, combined with the base from the obelisk set into the smaller end, in the bottom of the pressure.

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