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Outdoor Printing Media

while emphasizing research and development in retro-reflective applications – sets exploring and popularizing the use of retro-reflective material as it main corporate objective.

We stake our investments to make roads and streets safer for the general and public road users. Through our product developments in pre-emptive warning for traffic management equipments, we undertake and pride to be socially responsible, contributing positively towards social benefits and society as a whole.

In the last 10 years, the spirit of research and innovation within Richxing Technology continue to be endorsed by the management. The diverse range of products in our JKL series lends testimony to our relentless pursue of our objectives, and of remaining relevant in the reflective material industry.

In 2005, leveraging on the retro-reflective film, Richxing Technology introduced the world’s first direct inkjet printable retro-reflective material for the outdoor advertising industry. This new age printing consumable called “Richlite”, was a huge success in China and greatly accepted by outdoor advertising industry players. “Richlite” was eventually used as the standard reference in naming convention for direct printable reflective within the industry.

As demand and acceptance of Richlite continue to grow and strengthen in subsequent years, on March 2007 Richxing Technology introduced Richlite’s 2nd generation retro-reflective products. These were called the enhanced series and include the Multi-Angle, the Stardust as well as the fluro-colored series. The enhanced series had better performance with regards to reflectivity, aesthetics and eye-catching purposes respectively.

Since introducing the first piece of retro-reflective material for direct inkjet printing, Richxing Technology remains committed in furnishing our customers quality and innovative products. The strong product acceptance and support from customers in the last 3 years has given us confidence to continuously improve using our past R&D experience, and to innovate newer and practical retro-reflective printing consumable solution for the outdoor advertising industry.

Product Summary:

Product Code Type Size (m) Net Weight Gross Weight Packing Packing Size Remarks
2021 Flex / Banner
2021-10 200Dx500D Banner 0.914x50 25±2.0 29.5±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x0.964  
2021-25 1.02x50 27.5±2.0 32.5±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.07  
2021-11 1.22x50(CPF) 33±2.0 39±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.27  
2021-12 1.35x50 36.5±2.0 43±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.4
2021-13 1.52x50 38.5±2.0 46±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.57
2021-14 1.8x50 45.5±3.0 55±3.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.85
2021-16 2.25x50 59.5±3.0 70±3.0 Tube Ф0.241x2.3  
2021-17 2.7x50 66.5±3.0 79±3.0 Tube Ф0.241x2.75
2021-18 3.1x50 76.5±3.0 91±3.0 Tube Ф0.241x3.15
2121 Adhesive / PSA
2121-10 Adhesive / PSA 0.914x50 21.5±2.0 26±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x0.964  
2121-12 1.02x50 24±2.0 29±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.07  
2121-11 1.22x50(CPF) 30.5±2.0 36.5±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.27  
2121-16 1.35x50 31.5±2.0 38.5±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.4
2121-14 1.52x50 36±2.0 44.5±2.0 Tube Ф0.241x1.57