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Plastic bull barrels

Plastic bull barrels

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Plastic bull barrelsPlastic bull barrels

Product name: Bin Barricade -Round


Body Material: PE

Body Color: Yellow

Reflective Material : Richlite

Reflective Material Artwork: Self adhesive with protective outer laminate

Printing of Artwork:Silkscreen or Inkjet

Durability:resistant for the  impact , water ,oil and is performance life in general applications is rated for 24-36 above months in out door applications.

Design state: The base structure to take care of the different point of view.put convenient,Can be weighted according to own actual need .Mainly used in highway exit and fork, toll highway, parking lot,road bridges, and maintain separation,anti-collision,isolation,buffer role. This product uses the high strength,high elasticity of modified plastic, water(stand) after more elastic buffer, absorbing strong momentum. Effectively reduce the car ,passers-by fence and work injuries in the area.Product surface with a reflective film,superintendent effect during the night.