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Richlite User Guide

The following describes the general guideline governing use of Richlite:

1. Suitable for large format digital printers and digital inkjet printers.
2. Suitable for solvent PVC ink.
3. Not suitable for indoor inkjet printers or bubble-jet using water-based ink.
4. Richlite requires use of standard solvent ink to exhibit its reflective properties.However customized inks to enhance the vibrancy and vividness of the print performance is permitted.
5. Richlite is available in different tenstile, ranging between 0.44-0.60mm. Please ensure correct and appropriate setting or adjustment of printer’s print head to avoid damage to the print head.
6. For printers with built-in heating element, kindly ensure the temperature and injection of ink are lowered accordingly to avoid bubbling of the printed graphics (Note: bubbling does not affect the reflectivity and performance of Richlite retro-reflectivity).
7. Allow sufficient time for printed graphics to dry before proceeding to pre-installation fabrication. Duration of time required depends on the print mode, intensity of ink used and surrounding temperature.
8. To minimize any unwanted streaks on printed graphics, always handle finished / printed graphics by its sides.
9. During printing, mis-alignment of Richlite media may occur in the feeding process. It is recommended that printing staff constantly monitor and make necessary corrective adjustment.

Pre-Installation / Joining:
1. Select an adequately flat workstation in well-ventilated work area, free of dust and grime for all pre-installation or joining works.
2. Instant or quick drying adhesive such as “3-second glue” or Wei Ming adhesive is recommended. Dilute 1 part Wei Ming adhesive with 2 parts water. Apply adhesive sparingly and evenly. Avoid excessive application that may bleed and damage printed graphics.
3. Suitable for use with heat seaming machines.
4. Suitable for use with ultra-sound seaming machines.
5. Directions for joining using heat or ultra-sound machines are similar to those joining normal flex.
6. Final and finished graphics must be rolled up with a layer of thin protective paper and store using corrugated tube.

1. Suitable for silk-screening.
2. Use transparent PVC solvent ink.

1. Store in cool dry place and avoid unprotected storage with direct sunlight or expose media to chemical contamination.
2. Manufacturing temperature is between 7 ~ 24 deg C, with optimal temperature between 10 ~ 20 deg C.
3. For low temperature requirement or application, please ask for our cold resistant series.
4. Do not store for long and extended period.