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What is Richlite?

Richlite is a revolutionary material for the outdoor adverting industry. Developed after years of extensive R&D, this new and innovative product is another addition to our other well-known JKL products for traffic safety retro-reflective applications.

Richlite combines a layer of micro-prismatic lens and durable flexible vinyl / fabric layer using our proprietary fusing technology, resulting in a highly stable retro-reflective printable media for the outdoor advertising applications.

Richlite is available in both Flex and PSA (Adhesive) for easy installation. It is suitable for direct inkjet printing using conventional large format printers and solvent (or mild-solvent) ink or silkscreen.

The following describes the different series of retro-reflective media available: 

• Richlite Retro-Reflective Printable Media – White
Introduced in 2005, Richlite retro-reflective White comes in both Flex and Adhesive.
It is the result of combing the retro-reflective lens onto printable PVC and manufactured into printable rolls.
It does not require special printers or inks and hence suitable for most digital inkjet printers using solvent (or mild-solvent) inks.
It is also possible to silkscreen on the media. The white printable surfaces ensure that graphics and images printed are true to life and both sharp and vivid.

• Richlite Retro-Reflective Printable Media – Multi-Angle
As the Retro-Reflective Multi-Angle provides a wider reflective angle compared to the White series, it is extremely useful for advertisements that are sited and orientated parallel to roads or streets. Because of its wide-angle properties, retro-reflectivity of the advertisement printed on the Multi-Angle can be seen even if viewers are not adjacent to the advertisement. Therefore, it also suitable for advertisement on walls, corporate / office signs, or for the X-stand.

• Richlite Retro-Reflective Printable Media – Stardust
The Stardust series was created to add an additional shimmering (literally) to our retro-reflective White series. It is to provide a lively and attractiveness to images or graphics printed on the Retro-Reflective Stardust. It is highly suitable for images or graphics such as advertisements for cosmetics, beauty products or body care, whereby models are used.

• Richlite Retro-Reflective Printable Media – Fluro
The Fluro series main colors include the fluro-red, fluro-yellow, fluro-green and fluro-orange. These 4 highly noticeable colors are the usual colors where the need to attract attention is a priority. Coupled with the retro-reflectivity, the Fluro series is truly a must for an eye-catching promotional advertisement!