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Richlite Features

1. High Retro-Reflectivity.
Richlite is the alternative solution to expensive electricity lit billboard or signage. In addition, its usefulness is obvious when there is restriction or access to advertising lighting sources.
With very little light source, such as ambient street lighting, advertisements printed on Richlite can be seen even when placed in a dark surrounding. With a high retro-reflectivity index of >300CPL, one can be assured that advertisement will always be “lit” using Richlite Retro-Reflective media.

2. Proven Reflective Properties.
Richlite is based on proven optical theories and physical proprieties of prism – or micro prism in this case. Unlike glass beads, prism reflects light precisely and more efficiently. The returned light is therefore brighter and more defined. The result, a very clear picture of the advertisement printed on Richlite that are both vivid and vibrant.

3. Even Transparency.
The translucent properties allow 25-35% of light to pass through, resulting in an even distribution of light and making Richlite highly suitable as outdoor advertising media as well as indoor application for advertisement and signage.

4. Color Fastness.
Rated and graded 8 for UV color fastness and an annual fading of less than 10%, Richlite retains the colors of printed graphics more efficiently compared to conventional flex / banner.

5. Ink Absorption.
Good surface ink absorption on printed media for outdoors advertisement is important and determines the color richness, fastness and fading resistance in finished printed billboards or banners. Richlite’s good ink absorption and quick dry characteristics, translate to realistically and brightly colored graphics – a reliable reflective media for outdoor advertisement and signage.

6. UV Protection.
The printing surfaces of Richlite are coated with a protective layer to minimize damage from the harmful effect of UV light. This ensures that Richlite retro-reflective material is greatly protected against fading colors graphics.

7. Water Resistant.
Richlite is graded with a water resistant of A-class.

8. Weather Resistant.
Subject to normal climatic conditions, Richilte is relatively well guarded against most cool and temperate weathers, having an outdoor durability of approximately 24 months.

9. Flexibility.
Made from PVC, Richlite high flexibility allows bending or stretching without being damaged and continues to retain its characteristics and properties. This is especially important during printing, pre-installation fabrication or installation.

10. Ease of Joining.
Richlite joins easily to form bigger and larger billboard or signage using convention seaming methods or adhesive. For large format advertising billboard and signage, ability of Richlite to support these different types of installations or fabrications ensures success and viability in these applications.

11. Ease of Installation.
Richlite retro-reflective is quasi-flex and behaves like conventional flex during installation, utilizing the usual ringlet and rope method, or installed onto a substrate backing or surface board or with adhesive.

12. Dust Resistant and Anti-Bacteria-Fungi
Richlite is specially treated against dust resistant, resulting in cost savings from frequent cleaning or replacement cycle that are typical of conventional printing flex. The treated surfaces also retard bacterial or fungi growth, protecting and prolonging advertiser’s investments.

13. Fire Retardant.
Richlite tested to be fire retardant with self-extinguishing properties.